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OpenI 2.0 Release Notes


The openi-2.0 RC1 release of the OpenI codebase is an open source Business Intelligence application for on-demand or SaaS deployments. Based on J2EE, OpenI is an out-of-box solution to easily visualize data from OLAP and relational databases, where users intuitively build and publish interactive reports, analyses, and dashboards. For installation and user guide, refer to and respectively.


SVN Repository Url for OpenI 2.0 RC1 release:

SVN Tag Url for OpenI 2.0 RC1 release:

New Features and Enhancements:

S.N. Feature Summary Detail
1. Localization/Internationalization in OpenI New lang link beneath user info on header and default language setting on account creation via Manage Users->Create New User option are added to support this feature. Openi 2.0 gereral release suppots English, Hindi and Portuguese.

 In order to add user's own locale, following steps must be carried out:
  1. Prepare the resources_{language_code}.properties and put it in org.openi package
  2. Access the 'resources\WEB-INF\faces-config.xml' file and add <supported-locale> tag and put the language code as shown below.
2. Themeable Openi

New link beside lang is added to support this feature, which allow selection of a particular theme for a project. A sample theme is available in

Prerequisite to add new theme for project:
1. folder named 'theme' must be added to project folder.
2. related theme folder must be added to 'theme' folder, which should include 'images' folder, common.css, default_green.css, menu_green.css, context_menu.css, and tabs.css.

Note: new theme folder structure must be identical to sample theme folder 'rime'.

3. SSAS2005 new feature support

1. Multiple hierarchy support.
2. Multiple member selection in slicer.

 4.  View-Only Analysis An administrator can now create an analysis in view-only mode, meaning the users can view the analysis only in a "static" mode. This is in response to some feedback where users wanted to create analyses that had a fixed template, and also when they want to restrict how much data can be viewed by the user.   

Bug Fixes ( from tracker ):

  • 2798368    Analysis is not saved under user's private folder.
  • 2798348    Changing the chart labels for the x, y axis.
  • 2798347    Sort tab is misspelt as Short.
  • 2797876    Filter selection.
  • 2797718    Dashboard items and Analysis File.
  • 2797486    Restrict MDX and SQL tabs in properties window.
  • 2797167    Chart Size doesn't resized on restoring down the browser.
  • 2796897    Issues with multiple hierarchies on SSAS2005.
  • 2796893    Display dimension name instead of selected hierarchy name.
  • 2796889    Blue-dot with Slicer selection "ON" generates Soap Fault.
  • 2796886    Swap Axes.
  • 2796885    Scroll bars restricts page viewable area.
  • 2796883    'Clear All' option doesn't work.
  • 2796882    'Swap Axes' stops working.
  • 2796880    Selection of members from diferent hierarchies has no effect.
  • 2796879    Missing dashboard name in 'Customize Dashboard View' page.
  • 2796876    Scroll bars in the dashboard not working properly.
  • 2792060    Avoid "crowding" of x-axis data labels(New attributes called 'supress overcrowding is added to project.xml file which is by default is set as true)'
  • 2791536    Same analysis multiple times on a particular dashborad Bug
  • 2791127    OpenI: Mouse fly-over the Chart TAB is called Graph???
  • 2783894    Display of Analysis options and Data Table options is off
  • 2782725    Upload Existing Project Issue
  • 2782640    Saving Analysis
  • 2782639    Add option to delete the datasource object
  • 2777367    Cancel button is saving the changes
  • 2777036    Localization/Internationalization in OpenI
  • 2749056    Need a view-only analysis mode (New attribute 'viewonly' is added to each analysis file for this fix)
  • 2746639    Enable adding an analysis to dashboard from the analysis
  • 2727956    Make chart series color configurable
  • 2270169    No success message after upload a project
  • 2270151    Validation Error: Value is required.
  • 2270119    Do not see measures in explore data
  • 2270111    Manage files theme
  • 2270101    Feature request on right click
  • 2120963    Enable OpenI logo customization (with enhancement - now project specific logo can be define during project setting which should be in related project folder)
  • 2100685    Explore data showing broken images
  • 2063987    Export menu problem on IE 6 and 7
  • 1660871    PDF exports after login timeout, but pdf is invalid
  • 1589814    Printable analysis view
  • 1579816    formatString not working

Known Issues :

    1. Member selection under hierarchy in Slicer (Ref. Bug#2796895 from tracker)

    Note : There are three options provided in the project settings page - first for single selection , second for multiple selection ( calculated member ) and third one for multiple selection ( SSAS 2005). So for the multiple selection in the case of SSAS 2005, the user needs to select the third option. The approach works in all conditions except a case, when the user selects multiple calculated members as slicers. need to restrict the user from doing this.

    2. Jboss versions 4.2.2.GA is tested. Lower version of JBoss may not work. You should consult JBoss documentation about the built-in jars and its web container, and then create a custom build to create an openi.war that (a) includes jars not provided by JBoss and (b) excluded jars provided by JBoss.

    3. We have not tested OpenI with Tomcat versions prior to 6.0, so an approach to creating a custom build similar to JBoss is recommended.

References :

Link for the Openi 2.0 beta release notes

Link for the Openi 2.0 alpha release notes

Link for migration notes