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OpenI 2.0 General Release Notes:

OpenI is an open source Business Intelligence application for on-demand or SaaS deployments. Based on J2EE, OpenI is an out-of-box solution to easily visualize data from OLAP and relational databases, where users intuitively build and publish interactive reports, analyses, and dashboards. For installation and user guide, refer to and respectively.


This document contains the following sections:

SVN Repository Url for OpenI 2.0 General release:

SVN Tag Url for OpenI 2.0 General release:

New Features and Enhancements:

 S. No.
Feature Summary  Detail
 1. Nepali Language Support
Added support for Nepali locale. Now OpenI can support five locales - English, French, Portuguese, Nepali and Hindi.
 Ability to set Application Admin
Application admin role can be assigned to any user through application setting page by admin user of OpenI.

Bug Fixes ( from tracker ):

  • #2900580 - explore data page is unable to load all the charts
  • #2893622 - can´t get catalogs using AS 2000
  • #2877972 - add support for Nepali language
  • #2873646 - ability to add/edit application admin from UI
  • #2882454 - dashboard graph error when there are two datasources

Known Issues :

    1. Jboss versions 4.2.2.GA is tested. Lower version of JBoss may not work. You should consult JBoss documentation about the built-in jars and its web container, and then create a custom build to create an openi.war that (a) includes jars not provided by JBoss and (b) excluded jars provided by JBoss.

    2. We have not tested OpenI with Tomcat versions prior to 6.0, so an approach to creating a custom build similar to JBoss is recommended.

References :

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