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OpenI 2.0 Beta Release Notes

The openi-2.0 beta release of the OpenI codebase is a J2EE web application to build and publish interactive reports from OLAP databases, RDBMS, and data mining applications. For installation and user guide, see docs/INSTALL.html and docs/userguide.html.


SVN Repository Url for OpenI 2.0 Beta release:

SVN Tag:


New Features and Enhancements:

  • Create New Project: This option is added in the preferences menu that creates a new project by selecting a new template which can be either the duplicate of the current project or a new template. It also allows the users to define the category, project logo etc. for the project being created.
  • Multiple Dashboards: This is an enhancement in the dashboard user interface which allows the user to create multiple project dashboards. this feature is available for the admin user only.
  • Purge Files: this feature allows the admin user to purge the older files, the user is prompted the file type ( i.e file extension ) and the date , the files with that type and older than the given date will be purged

Bug Fixes ( from tracker ):

  • 2779635 UI issues in Autogenerate window.
  • 2779626 Chart Properties dialog - rename tab Print into PDF export 
  • 2746089 Error in OpenI if there is no dimension in filter area
  • 2728027 drillthrough green arrows only for supporting measures
  • 2728012 copying folders on reports explore tab goes infinite loop
  • 2728005 Allow creation of new project from the Application  
  • 2727999 Purge old drillthrough files in a project
  • 2727992 Drag and Drop Ghosts on IE  
  • 2727984 Don't let any exception go up to application server  
  • 2727978 Add Print button capability to Dashboard screen
  • 2727974 Error in saving analysis
  • 2727913 Enhancement: Add support for online help text
  • 2727898 Enable creating and viewing multiple dashboards
  • 2727891 "Edit File" Screen has typo for Cancel button  
  • 2727888 Need Visual Indicator
  • 2727836 Missing decimal points for Y-axis  
  • 2270189 Help in top right corner
  • 2155299 Ability to create multiple dashboards and access from menu
  • 2120991 Disable "Customize" tab for non-OLAP reports
  • 2120963 Enable OpenI logo customization