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OpenI 2.0 Alpha Release Notes


New features and enhancements  

  • Completely re-written based on Spring, Java Server Faces and AJAX New enhanced UI layout, completely "ajaxified" 
  • New Drag and Drop Navigator UI to move attributes across rows, columns, and filters 
  • Enhanced repository system implemented. Now project contents can be deployed anywhere. No need to have project contents within the "webapps" folder of j2ee servers 
  • Application can be deployed into any JEE server QA feature added to validate the MDX statements for all analyses within a project with a single command 
  • Manage Feed feature enhancement - now contains split rows feature and better CSV file parser 
  • Default analysis for project - you can now specify default analysis for a project which is the first analysis displayed to a user immediately after user login
  • Customizable chart series color (for non pie type chart only) - Now you can define custom color palettes for chart 
  • Excel export enhancement - OpenI now generates excel binary file which embeds chart in file itself (previously it contained a web link to the chart, which could result in broken image links) 
  • Dashboard UI enhancement - Better UI that enables displaying both table and chart view option 
  • Better File Manager - shows file in explorer style tree User/Role management (requires custom build from source) : now users/roles management can be done from OpenI 

SF.Net Bug Fixes

  • 1730531 - new chart is generated for every request 
  • 1660871 - PDF exports after login timeout, but pdf is invalid 
  • 1658608 - Project-Root path does not work on mangled deploy folder 
  • 1446879 - manage files - create new folder 

Missing/Replaced features    

  • R Integration -> incomplete 
  • Configurable menu -> New UI does not need it at all 
  • User defined roles and configurable security -> Now implemented J2EE role based security