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OpenI 2.0 RC2 Release Notes:

OpenI is an open source Business Intelligence application for on-demand or SaaS deployments. Based on J2EE, OpenI is an out-of-box solution to easily visualize data from OLAP and relational databases, where users intuitively build and publish interactive reports, analyses, and dashboards. For installation and user guide, refer to and respectively.


This document contains the following sections:

SVN Repository Url for OpenI 2.0 RC2 release:

SVN Tag Url for OpenI 2.0 RC2 release:

New Features and Enhancements:

S.N. Feature Summary Detail
1. MSAS Attribute Hierarchy Support From Microsoft documentation, using Attribute
Hierarchy is said to significantly improve query performance. This is also
the default mode of SSAS dimensions, but previously OpenI UI used to translate
Attribute Hierarchy into a weird format -- and as such the users were forced to
create user defined hierarchies for each and every dimension and hide the
default attribute hierarchies. But this release comes out with the full support of attribute hierarchy.
2. Multiple Datasources Support The users can create multiple datasources definitions in the olap server. The prior releases of OpenI supported single datasource - default datasource. The OpenI 2.0 RC2 is now capable of prompting the user to choose among multiple datasources to list the catalogs.

Bug Fixes ( from tracker ):

  • 2844078 database authentication in tomcat
  • 2834762 Analsysis Test -- including private folders has no effect
  • 2833496 Make Navigator menu collapsible in the Reports View
  • 2833156 Multiple datasources support
  • 2831953 change order feature of the members is not working
  • 2831945 projectuser unable to modify the private analyses
  • 2830126 chart custom labels in the properties window
  • 2805601 Need to support Attribute Hierarchy feature of SSAS 2005


Known Issues :

    1. Jboss versions 4.2.2.GA is tested. Lower version of JBoss may not work. You should consult JBoss documentation about the built-in jars and its web container, and then create a custom build to create an openi.war that (a) includes jars not provided by JBoss and (b) excluded jars provided by JBoss.

    2. We have not tested OpenI with Tomcat versions prior to 6.0, so an approach to creating a custom build similar to JBoss is recommended.

References :

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