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Build Notes

OpenI Build Status:

OpenI 2.0 Demo is now available at .  

For the daily build and deployment, the continuous integration server that is being used is:    CruiseControl ( installed in the demo machine itself).

CruiseControl updates the checked-out OpenI project in demo machine from the SVN repository of OpenI project and then builds and deploys the project to the application server ( JBoss in our case). CruiseControl has been configured to do that automatically in every 20 hours.

CruiseControl runs at web port no. 8090. Also, there is a sshd server running  in the demo machine at port no. 1100.

How to access CruiseControl:

Click on either link to:
  • Build the project
  • View the status of previous builds ( success or failure, svn updates in the corresponding build, build date, test reports etc. )
  • Configure CruiseControl