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Automated Test Status

This page shows the status of all the test cases present in the OpenI project.

Testing Framework being used for the core classes: TestNG

All the test packages and classes are placed in the test folder in the project.

To run all the test cases at once, just need to run the test suite---openi-testsuite.xml. 

Some of the test classes refer to a test directory name "testAccount" under the user's project directory. The sample test directory "testAccount" is included in the sample openi-projects zip file which is available in the openi source distribution.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <suite name="openi_2_0" verbose="2" >
         <test name="Domain tests" annotations="JDK">
                 <package name="org.openi.analysis" />
                 <package name="org.openi.application" />
                 <package name="org.openi.dashboard" />
                 <package name="org.openi.jdbc.impl" />
                 <package name="org.openi.listpull" />
                 <package name="org.openi.olap.util.tester" />
                 <package name="org.openi.project" />
                 <package name="org.openi.project.cms" />
                 <package name="org.openi.purge" />
                 <package name="" />
                 <package name="org.openi.users.impl" />
                 <package name="org.openi.util" />
                 <pacakge name="org.openi.xmla" />

So, whenever new test packages are developed, need to include lines specifying the packages in this testng suite configuration file.

Test Packages Test Classes Current Status Remarks
org.openi.analysis Pass Pass Pass Pass
org.openi.application Pass  
org.openi.dashboard Pass Pass
org.openi.jdbc.impl Pass Pass Pass
org.openi.jms N/A this is not a separate test, this is a mock object used in other test cases
org.openi.listpull Pass Pass Pass Pass
org.openi.olap.util.tester Pass Pass Pass Pass
org.openi.project Pass Pass Pass Pass
org.openi.project.cms Pass Pass
org.openi.project.purge Pass Pass
org.openi.testCommons N/A this is not a separate test
org.openi.users.impl Pass
org.openi.util Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass N/A this is not a separate test Pass
org.openi.xmla Pass

The CruiseControl configured in the openi demo server is now capable of compiling and running the test cases present in the project automatically. It triggers the ant target defined in the build.xml file that runs the test cases after it builds and deploys the new project build.

CruiseControl also collects the reports generated by testng to display the test results in its own format.
Here is the url to access the web page that shows the test results in each build, provided that a ssh tunnel has already been created that forwards the requests coming to local port 8091 to 8090 of demo server.