User Interface


Here is a concept sketch for a basic dashboard:


A section should show the count of all patients in the database, total # of encounters, and the date range for which the i2b2 repository has data. This lets users know the universe they are selection from

2 or 3 pie charts showing total # of patients broken down by demographic elements - Gender, Age Group, and Race/Ethnicity. We may be able to save space if we show this as a series of bar charts. Need to also consider "eye candy" factor so we should avoid having all bar charts on the dashboard

One chart showing # of encounters over time (1 bar per year). We could do a line chart at as well, but that'd look better if the time axis was broken by months

One big button in the middle labeled "Custom Cohort Selection" - this will take user  to a detailed OLAP view that lets them pick patient counts in ad hoc manner

At the bottom - place horizontal bar charts showing Top Diagnoses, Top Labs, Top Medications. Depending on how much space we have, we should show the top 5 or top 10. Would like the whole dashboard to fit in 1 screen of a 1024x768 resolution