Process Flow

Process Flow Diagram

  1. When the user creates new openi analysis by clicking on "New OpenI Analysis" button on the launch page or from the menu bar or file menu option, the user is prompted with pop-up dialog having two buttons "Explore data" and "Create New Report/Analysis" along with the selection options for Schema/Catalog and cube.
  2. Click on "Explore data" button lands on the explore data page, number of chart widgets for all the available measures are shown on the iframe screen.
  3.  The widgets are closeable ( i.e. to remove from the explore data page or may be, an option for selection of the measures on the dialog box itself could be better ) and clickable.
  4.  Click on any widget takes to the new detailed report created by executing the same MDX query???
  5.   If the user clicks on "Create New Report/Analysis",  new report is created using the default MDX query.