Sprint 3

openi-pentaho-0.1-alpha(Sprint 3) (7 matches)

#22Make Analysis Sidebar(olap navigator) UI consistentPlugin Developmentclosedfixeddefectsmaharjan
#28Cross browser UI compatibilityPlugin Developmentclosedfixeddefectsmaharjan
#24all the chart properties options are not implemented, refer to the openi 2.0 versionPlugin Developmentclosedfixeddefectsmaharjan
#30Exception message while deploying the plugin zip into the latest release of Pentaho BI server.Plugin Developmentclosedfixeddefectsmaharjan
#27The exported reports(PDF/XLS) don't display chart componentPlugin Developmentclosedfixeddefectsmaharjan
#26the table cell background in the exported reports (pdf/xls) is not consistent with openi analysis report table displayed on PUCPlugin Developmentclosedfixeddefectchetanprajapati
#31implement print report featurePlugin Developmentclosedfixedenhancementsmaharjan