Sprint 1

openi-pentaho-0.1-alpha(Sprint 1) (16 matches)

#16Properties popup dialog (Print Form, Sort Form, MDX Form)Plugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#11Set up a deployment environment for testing and if possible, continuous integration tool to auto-deploy svn/git checkedout source into the deployment serverPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#12Make the navigator's axis items clickable and show member navigatorPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#13Display selected filter values on top of both table and chart componentsPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#8Add show/hide table/chart optionsPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#7Create rest based services for Olap query actions like swap axes, hide emtpy rows/cols and implement on UI by introducing the checkbox based options for SwapAxes, Hide Empty Rows/Cols, etc. , should be ajax integratedPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#17Drop down menu based export featurePlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#14OpenI like chart customizer, to display chart default colors, label fonts etc.Plugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#10Create a new UI theme to match pentaho's new version UI, and udpate the so far developed analysis view accordinglyPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#9Introduce Tab based view and type-changeable chart components on chart tab, in addition to table component tabPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtask
#6Add Drag and Drop feature on Olap Navigator, and remove all the old dirty buttons from the default UI of Navi, the drag and drop should update the table component aynschronouslyPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#5Implement task no. 4 for olap navigator component alsoPlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#4First test, then implement the rest + jpivot architecturePlugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#3Configure the plugin to add new menu options under the file menu bar and the PUC launch page ("New OpenI Analysis??')Plugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#2Create a pentaho based plugin project named "openi-pentaho??Plugin Developmentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan
#1Set Up the dev environment for the plugin (Source repo and TRAC tool)Deploymentclosedfixedtasksmaharjan