Master Backlog

  1. Plugin completely based on Pentaho's Plugin architecture, with Jpivot as its core, expected to be a replacement for current jpivot based analysis feature of Pentaho, which is not actually pluggable.
    • New menu option, something like "New OpenI Analysis Report", under file menu bar and toolbar on the top, also a button on the quick launch page.
    • New content type into the pentaho BI server ( "oanalysis" ?? )
    • OpenI Analysis report to be saved under .oanalysis definition file, similar to that we have in OpenI, to hold the information like MDX query, datasource, chart properties etc.
  2. Support for both direct mondrian and xmla connections
    • Feature to  add new xmla datasources in xml file somewhere within the plugin folder
    • User should be prompted to create/explore new analyses off both mondrian and xmla connections, retrieving the datasources and catalog information from pentaho's datasources.xml file and openi plugin's xmla datasources definition file. 
  3. Explore Data feature
  4. AJAX Integration
  5. Enhancement of Analysis View UI(similar to OpenI UI in phase 1, further enhancement in later phases)
  6. Implementation of Custom Drillthrough as in OpenI 2.0
  7. Provide option to configure webservice for uploading the drillthrough results
  8. Feature to add the openi analysis report into the pentaho cdf based dashboard directly from the report itself
  9. Introduction of new flash based or not flash(HTML5/Javascript) chart libraries