Installation Guide


    • Pentaho BI Server 3.9 upto 4.8 to install openi-pentaho-plugin-3.0.1
    • Pentaho BI Server 5.0 or greater to install openi-pentaho-plugin-3.0.2

Get the binary distro

How to install/deploy

    • Unzip the plugin archive and copy the plugin folder "openi" into "<<pentaho BI server>>/pentaho-solutions/system" folder location.
    • Restart the pentaho BI server


    • Install the plugin from Pentaho Marketplace

Build from Source

Get the plugin source

Build and install into BI server

    • Update the file under the source directory, to specify the pentaho BI server directory path. Below is the sample entries from file(See the line in red).
      • you will need to set appropriate bi-server path for pentaho.dir
      • in the case of Windows, please make sure you use the blackslash to escape special characters
        • for eg.: C\:\\biserver-ce-4.8.0-stable\\biserver-ce
pentaho.dir=<<replace this with bi-server path>>

    • Install JDK and make "javac" program globally executable, by setting Jdk binary path under "PATH" environmental variable
    • Download the apache ant build tool from and run the following commands from inside the source root directory
      • ant clean-all
      • ant dist
      • ant install

This will install the openi plugin distro into your pre-installed pentaho BI server. Also, with "ant dist" command, there are set of openi-plugin distributions generated under the "dist" folder. You can manually install these binary distributions following the steps mentioned above.

User Guide Video

OpenI 3.0 Demo

Configure XMLA Datasources

  • Add new XMLA datasource entries under <<openi plugin folder>>/olap/datasources.xml file, as shown below:
    • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <DataSource name="XMLA_SteelWheels">
        <DataSource name="XMLA_SampleData">

Configure Datasource Security

  • The openi plugin has a feature to define the access control list to retrict/permit the datasources based on the user or role
  • Edit the acl configuration file "acl-config.xml" under the <<openi plugin folder>>/acl/" folder location, to add new rule
  • Below is the sample acl-config file shipped with openi plugin
    • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <rule applyBy="ROLE" applyTo="Authenticated" applicableItemType="DATASOURCE" access="false">
          <rule applyBy="ROLE" applyTo="openi" applicableItemType="DATASOURCE" access="true">

applyBy = ROLE or USER
applyTo = comma separated list of roles or users
access = true or false, boolean value representing whether the list of users or roles under that rule have access to the list of item-identifiers/datasources, or not
item-identifier = datasource name

Note: For applying the same ACL rule to multiple datasources, add multiple entries of item-identifier under the same rule.

Known Issues:

  1. Due to conflict issue with the new version of Apache FOP library under Pentaho web lib, PDF Export doesn't work. Work around: Copy the library to <>/lib/xmlgraphics-commons-1.3.1.jar into << pentaho BI server>>/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib

  2. XMLA Datasource Type works for Mondrian XMLA only. Haven't tested yet with SSAS XMLA.