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Quick Start Guide

Please follow the following steps to get started with distribution.
  1. Get your environment ready
  2. Download the distribution
  3. Deploy the war
  4. Configure the database
  5. Take a test drive
Click Here to download the PDF version of the user guide.

Get your environment ready

Following are the software requirements, which need to be installed to get your environment ready for the application deployment.
Currently we have tested OpenI-Japser project on tomcat server only. We haven't tested the application in other J2EE servers like JBoss, Glassfish, etc .  You may want to refer to Known Issues page, to get more information on the supported J2EE servers.
OpenI-Jasper is shipped with embedded mondrian(, an open source olap server , so no need to configure any olap server separately for running the analysis reports. While OpenI-Jasper project provides full compatibility with the mondrian olap server, it can connect to other XMLA standard based olap servers also.

OpenI-Jasper distributions are uploaded in the repository. Please click here to download the deploy-ready war distribution. This archive contains deploy-ready openi-jasper.war file, project related docs, licenses file and SQL script. Here is the directory structure of the zip.

|   openi-jasper.war
|   README.txt
|       |   release-notes.html
|       |   installation-guide.pdf
|       +---licenses

Deploy the war

Unzip the zip distribution and copy the openi-jasper.war to the deploy directory of J2EE server. For tomcat , copy the war file to "<<tomcat installation directory>>/webapps" folder location.

Configure the database

Please click here to view the database configuration steps.

Take a test drive

Once the openi-jasper is successfully deployed to the application server and the database is properly configured, start the application server and point your browser to http://localhost:8080/openi-jasper. You will be prompted a openi-jasper login page.

Use the pre-configured demo account i.e. "admin/admin" as administrator or "user/user" as normal user to get logged into the system. Once you log in successfully, you can now see the list of the sample reports in the repository as shown below:

Now click on a sample analysis report "Foodmart Sample Analysis View" under the "Analysis Views" section.

Click Here to download the PDF version of the user guide.

Sujen Maharjan,
Feb 4, 2011, 7:58 PM