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Build OpenI-Jasper from source

Build from Source

Please follow the following steps to build the OpenI-Jasper project from the source code.
  1. Set up the system environment
  2. Get the source code
  3. Build the source code
  4. Deploy the application
  5. Configure Database

Set up the System Environment

Please install the following requirements to get your environment ready for building the source code.

   1. Subversion client(SVN) if you want to check out source code from svn repository or you can just download the source code zip
   2. Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5 or higher to compile java source files.
   3. Apache Ant  build tool to build the source code
   4. Apache Tomact Server (tomcat 6.x) as an application server for deployment

Get the source code

You can either download the source zip from here or checkout the source from svn repository as anonymous user account using svn client tool.

Execute the following svn checkout command from the terminal shell to check out the source code.

Build the source code

Build OpenI-Jasper project using Ant tool from command-line interface to produce openi-jasper.war ,
          >ant clean
          >ant tomcat.warfile
The above commands will produce a war file in the 'dist' directory.

Deploy the application

Copy the openi-jasper.war to the deploy directory of J2EE server. For tomcat , copy the war file to "<<tomcat installation directory>>/webapps" folder location.

Configure the database

Please click here to view the database configuration steps.

Make your pre-deployed JasperServer Code work with OpenI-Jasper

You can install openi-jasper as a patch for your pre-deployed jasperserver 3.7.x .

  1. Get the openi-jasper source
  2. Execute the ant command with "patch" as target and the path to deployed jasperserver folder as parameter
eg. ant patch -Djs-path=c:\program files\apache tomcat\webapps\jasperserver

Above command copies/replaces all the new files and modified files to the already deployed jasperserver.

You can also checkout the new jasperserver source code and build/deploy it using jasper's own buildomatic script and then only, apply the openi-jasper patch.