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Known Issues

  • OpenI 2.0 does not work with JBoss 4.2.3. JBoss 4.2.3 has some issues on not resolving clicks in navigation bar (see : ).

  • Jboss versions 4.2.2.GA/4.3.0.GA/5.0.0.GA is tested. Lower version of JBoss may not work. You should consult JBoss documentation about the built-in jars and its web container, and then create a custom build to create an openi.war that (a) includes jars not provided by JBoss and (b) excluded jars provided by JBoss.

  • We have not tested OpenI with Tomcat versions other than 5.5.26, 6.0.16, and 6.0.18, so an approach to creating a custom build similar to JBoss is recommended.