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Detailed System Requirement

  • Operating Systems: Independent
    Since OpenI is completely Java-based, it will run on any operating system that has a compatible JVM.
  • Java Runtime : Requires Version 1.5 or Higher
    Tested on Sun J2SE version 1_5_0_14 and 1.6.0_07.
    We have tested openi with following versions of JBoss and Tomcat :
    • JBoss 4.2.2.GA, 4.3.0.GA, 5.0.0.GA and
    • Tomcat 5.5.26, 6.0.16, and 6.0.18.
  • OLAP Server: Supports Mondrian, Microsoft SSAS 2005, and MSAS 2000
    You can use OpenI with any XMLA-compliant OLAP server. If you are planning to use OpenI with SSAS 2005 or MSAS 2000, you need to have the XMLA interface for Microsoft Analysis Services up and running.

    More details on setting up XMLA interface are in "Set Up XMLA Interface for OLAP Servers" section.
  • Database (optional): Any Relational Database Server
    Although the default installation of OpenI doesn't directly connect to a database, the OLAP servers will require at least one database instance. While Microsoft Analysis Services uses its native drivers to connect to the database, Mondrian uses JDBC drivers to connect to the database, so you need databases with JDBC support if using Mondrian.