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Configure OpenI Data Source Definitions for OLAP

Once OpenI and the appropriate XMLA provider interface are installed and running, you can start using OpenI sample project (Foodmart) if you have a local Mondrian OLAP Server or a Microsoft SSAS 2005 that contains their default OLAP database (Foodmart 2000). However, if you need to connect to a different OLAP database or connect to an OLAP server on a different machine, configuring the OpenI data source definitions accordingly is must. A data source definition defines the XMLA interface URL that OpenI will use and here are the steps:
  • Go to http://localhost:8080/openi

  • Login either as project admin or application admin.
    See Configure Application Security to learn about Users and Roles.

  • Select a project in project selection page (OpenI autoselects the default project if there is single project available for the user. In such case it will bypass the project selection page)

  • Go to Preference | Data Sources

  • There are two default OLAP data source definitions provided with OpenI: msas (which defines a local instance of SSAS 2005) and mondrian (defines a local instance of Mondrian). In the OpenI sample project Foodmart, all the analyses in the "Mondrian" folder expect their data from the mondrian data source, and the ones in "MSAS" expect from msas data source. If your default OLAP databases are in a different location, you can simply change the definitions for these 2 data source definitions accordingly. Or if you are building your own analyses by pointing to your own OLAP databases, you can create new OLAP data source.

  • Change the data source URL with the actual URL and select the OLAP catalog for "foodmart". Use following data source URL for each XMLA provider: MS XMLA 2000 : http://<xmla server url>/xmla/xmla/msxisapi.dll

  • SSAS 2005 XMLA : http://<xmla server url>/olap/msmdpump.dll

  • Mondrian : http://<xmla server url>:8090/mondrian/xmla (assuming mondrian war context name is "mondrian" and server is running on port 8090