OpenI missing a key feature and want to contribute? Here's what you should do:
  • First look at upcoming/planned features on the Releases page.
  • A feature you want to develop is not on the roadmap? Suggest it on the forums .
  • Coordinate with us to find a reasonable release bucket that works for everyone
  • If you haven't already, you will need to create a username.
  • Get the source from SVN (depending on release schedule, you may need to checkout from branch or HEAD)
  • Watch the versions carefully. Particularly jpivot, mondrian, jdk, tomcat, OS. The versions of each on are the release notes for each version. If an upgrade is planned we try to publish this as a new feature for that release.
  • Update every day! Update often. This helps everyone, and minimizes merge problems when you're ready.
  • Commit often, but do not break the build, or other functionality. It's OK if you check in code that doesn't work yet as long as it does not have a wide affect on the entire application. If you are on your own branch, this is less of a concern.
  • Communicate. forums or document on this wiki. Proper communication is a critical part of open source development.


We are always looking for help testing, particularly on hard to find platforms and varying databases. Also, if you are good at writing unit tests, have at it, just contact us via the forums.

Provide feedback

More important than anything is feedback, good and bad. Great code can never make up for bad requirements so feel free to ping us. forums is the where to go.